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Homestead Exemption

Reduce Your Property Tax Bill | Tax Savings for Homeowners

If you are a homeowner, whether you purchased recently or years ago, and would like to reduce your property tax then you should apply for a homestead exemption.

What is Homestead Exemption? MS state’s tax law includes a special provision that reduces the property tax that you pay on your primary home. It is not automatic, you must apply. Typically you will need to go to your local tax accessor’s office and submit an application. There are a few pieces of documentation needed. A Copy of your recorded Warranty Deed, your MS vehicle tag numbers, Social Security Number, Birth dates, and your closing/settlement statement.

Also there are some additional tax exemptions if you are over 65 or 100% Disabled. If you are looking to take advantage of any additional exemptions, just be sure to take proof of age or disability.

The Desoto County Tax Assessor’s Office will accept applications starting at 8:00AM January 3, 2023.

If you are in Desoto County, please see the link below for additional information from the Tax Assessor’s Office.

For information regarding TN Property Tax Programs, see the link below.,trustees%2C%20receive%20applications%20from%20taxpayers%20who%20may%20qualify

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